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The #1 platform that allows tenants like you to pay monthly rent for their homes. We create a pathway to your home ownership and financial freedom.

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Renmo is the No.1 platform that allows tenants to pay MONTHLY rent for their homes. You rent and stay as long as you want, but you only pay monthly!

No kidding! We believe everyone deserves a decent home. Making rent advance payments should not break your bank or give you a ‘headache’ because of the initial bulk payment. We are excited to partner with you to make decent home living stress-free, convenient, and fast. Join today to experience the ‘Renmo lifestyle.’

How It Works

With Renmo, you rent like a pro by filling out an application form on our web platform. When you qualify, you can proceed to submitting your documents for verification, along with your property details. Once you have been approved, Renmo will make payment to your landlord within a few hours.

Step One


Submit your details and particulars about the property you want to rent




Application's Processed


Happy Customers


Apartment Moved in

Why People Choose RenMo

Save money for emergencies. Life has many uncertainties, so why empty your savings to pay rent. Avoid the stress and headache of borrowing from family and friends to pay 1-2 years rent.


A Pathway to Home Ownership

Renmo allows you to find your own house or look for houses on our website. We will cover your rent for both options!

Corporate Partnership

RenMo partners with organizations of all sizes to provide home rental services to all employees. We believe your workforce deserve the peace of mind to have an option to pay rent on MONTHLY basis, so we just make it happen. No need to pay 1-2 years worth of rent in advance anymore!

Services To Your Employees

Rent and Pay Monthly (Rent financing)

Home Searches (Agent services)

Rent-To-Own (Home ownership)

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Why You Should Pay Your Rent Monthly

Kwame, a new renant got an inspiration to start a side hustle to bump up his earnings. Now it's time for him to pay his rent. At the moment, Kwame is torn between starting that side hustle or paying his yearly rent. Good news! Kwame doesn't need to worry. Kwame can start his side hustle and pay his rent monthly with Renmo's Rent & Pay Monthly

It's the smart thing to do

Avoid stress and headache of borrowing

Save money for emergency/ uncertainty

Better to have cash for random opportunities

They earn monthly income so makes sense to do MONTHLY rent too

Renmo Introduces

Buy Now
Pay Monthly

With RenMo, seamless shopping and a stress-free payment plan

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See What Our Renants Say About Us

We have a 5-star satisfactory rating from our clients

It was a very smooth experience with RenMo. I didn't even have to come to their office during the whole process. The person in charge of my onboarding did a great job by keeping me informed all the step of the way. I just provided all the information he needed.

RenMo is different because they are quick in responding to complaint and also good at keeping their clients informed or updated, and they even have listed accommodations available just in case you need to find one.

I have only one experience now and that is the RENMO experience and I am satisfied with your services.


Kofi A.



Alberta B.



Emmanuel E.



Frequently Asked Questions

See Questions Asked frequently and their answers to give you a deeper understanding of Renmo Homes and how we serve our customers, affectionately called Renants

Do I need to be a full-time employee to access the services of Renmo?

NO. Renmo requires PROOF of regular & sustainable flow of income. Anyone who can provide that proof is a potential Renmo customer. Your monthly net income should be at least 2.5 times the monthly rent.

Does Renmo take any collateral from the tenant?

NO. We do not require any collateral from the tenant.

Can I find own properties and request funding from Renmo?

Yes. You can come with your own property and Renmo will provide funding.



Are You a LandLord / Agent?

Finding the right tenant can be an hassle, you want to be sure that it won't cost you more to rent out your property than leaving it vacant we've got you covered at Renmo

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